ND Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. It deals mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, conception, evolution, and application.
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ND Electrical/Electronics

The program is designed to produce electrical engineering technicians for the following industries; manufacturing, assembling, servicing, power generation, transmission distribution and utilization, telecommunications and other industries.
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ND Statistics

Statistics is the study of the collection, analytic thinking, interpretation, presentation, and organization of information. In applying statistics, e.g. A scientific, industrial, or societal problem, it is formal to begin with a statistical population or a statistical model process.
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ND Computer Engineering

Computer engineering involves modeling, design, execution, testing, evaluation and integration of computer hardware and software to create computing systems.
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ND Business Administration and Management

This introduces the student to a range of studies which are useful in understanding people in the workplace.
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